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9 Volcanoes Publishing Home

white snow covered mt hood one of 9 volcanoes against clear blue sky with hills and trees in foreground

Welcome to 9 Volcanoes Publishing

A voice of independence. Sharing the journey.

From VIP (Very Important Proteins) to Poetry and More

9 Volcanoes Publishing is the independent author imprint of Nancy Lewis Baenziger, Ph.D. Her first life in biomedical science ranged from her discovering in human blood the first member of the Thrombospondin protein molecular family to showing how cell to cell communications about the tau protein in brain can go rogue in Alzheimer’s Disease. Now a retiree neurobiology professor, Nancy writes for personal fulfillment from Hawaii Island and Oregon’s Columbia Gorge, in view of 9 named volcanoes. This site features Nancy’s poetry and writing plus husband Jacques’ photography. 9 Volcanoes Publishing catalogues the journey of independent authorship and publication, on behalf of like minds setting out on the same path with the same level of trepidation. A trek toward independent publishing admittedly looks like a Monopoly game board, from submitting individual poems (written at 3 a.m.) to gathering collections and data on how to get them out there. It’s a personal decision ruling out the traditional publishing route, not having world enough and time; do not pass Go, do not collect $200. We’re open for visits! Join us gathering steam for the road ahead! Do surf through our menu in the footer, and check for new entries coming soon.

Our Features

Ocean and sand

The Writer’s Block

Featuring Nancy’s writing, reflections, and reflections on writing: essays and poetry plus a brain-teasers page to nudge your Vast Fund of General Knowledge. Here’s a sample poem:

The First Book: It’s Here Now!

Protagonists, Nancy’s debut poetry book in 9 Volcanoes Publishing’s adventure in individualism is now available on! 

Sand and ocean

5 Stars from 9 Volcanoes

Celebrating the spark/glow/flame of independent creativity in writing, music, art, and more. 9 Volcanoes  cites sources out there worthy of accolades. No critiques, paid affiliates or associates here, just tips for our common interests, insights of other independent minds on how to pull this off where you are in this space. 

Our current 5 Stars goes to: Pele!!   

Mauna Loa eruption 2022 USGS public domain photos

Watch post horn icon for future news:

Public domain image by Kandschwar

Clear water at the beach

The Lai of the Land

Featuring topics closest to our hearts and those of others in our far-flung ohana (Hawaiian word for family), the one you choose as well as those you are born to and born for. Selections are graced by indelible images via Jacques’ camera skills (see top photo!) Learn about volcanoes around us and their goddess Madam Pele. What’s a “lai”? A song from the genre of Early Music. “You mean before Elvis?” We love to hear/perform the greatest hits from the 40’s …..  the 1440’s, that is.  

Why 9 volcanoes?

Living on the Pacific Ring of Fire in direct view of 9 named volcanoes can be …..exciting. Madam Pele visited Mauna Loa for ~2 weeks in late 2022. She treated us to haunting plumes in the night sky seen 44 miles away, and splashing lava fountains via the right camera gear at safe vantage points.

Photo credit Dr. Henele Biscardi
Photo credit Dr. Corey Goodman
Our Theme Song

On the first day of writing my spirits said to me
You deserve your own identity!

On the second day of writing my spirits said to me
Self-publish your poetry for
You deserve your own identity!

On the third day of writing my spirits said to me
Cut and paste repeated text
Self-publish your poetry for
You deserve your own identity!

On the fourth day of writing my spirits said to me
Turn off #&^ AutoCorrect
Cut and paste repeated text
Self-publish your poetry for
You deserve your own identity!

Sense where this is going? See v 5-12 in the menu below!!

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Poetry, science, and more

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